4th Grader Roasts Teacher On Wearing Masks During Classes At Emergency Board Meeting (VIDEO)


A fourth grader gets a lot of social media attention after giving his reasons for ending the mask mandate at an emergency committee meeting. Less than 12 days of the school year remain, but the school principals voted 4: 1 for masks to be optional from June 1st, i.e. after the end of the current school year.

The Martin County School District in Florida voted to maintain the mask mandate for the last 12 days of school. After June 1, masks are optional for graduation ceremonies and during summer school.

10-year-old John stood before the Martin County board members and shared how he expected the school would be different at the start of the year, but not that things would stay the same throughout the year.

“The rules surprised me. Many of them made no sense to me, like the fact that we weren’t allowed to play in the playground or have a student council or face each other at lunch. And we also have to wear masks outside at PE and on the track, ”said John.

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John shared how much he loves his school, but the teachers yell at the students for wearing masks to drink water even though they are outside in the “car line”.

“I love my school and everything, but my teachers seem very stressed and that makes me feel bad. A teacher walks around with a clipboard full of recommendations for any student whose mask is not on properly. I’m afraid. The same teacher yells at us that we have our mask to drink water while standing outside in the car line, ”the fourth grader shared.

“She told us we would have to wait until we were in her parents’ car to have some water. She had her mask off the entire time she was yelling at us, which makes me and all of my friends very angry. It happens very often. “John shared too.

4th grade learns the importance of hypocrisy

“And it seems that unfair teachers take off their masks while yelling at us kids and that we have to pull ours up. I asked my mother if there was a word for it and she said there was hypocrisy, ”the fourth grader called out to the teacher.

“When I wear a mask all day I feel very tired and get a very bad headache. Sometimes I’m in school and have to lie deep in the dark until they’re gone. My mask also sticks to my face when it’s hot and difficult to breathe. I feel like I can’t catch my breath and that makes me claustrophobic and anxious. It’s really stressful, “said John.

Some parents at the meeting also shared their thoughts on making masks optional.

“We still have a little more than two weeks of school time. I ask you to let the children see the faces of their classmates and the feelings of their classmates again. Children are in the middle of a long test phase. I ask you to allow them to do so without a mask. I have a fifth grader and an eighth grader who would be attending promotion ceremonies. And I ask you to let her do it without a mask, ”one parent shared emotionally.

“As the year progressed, and after collecting more data and understanding the virus, I don’t think there is any reason for my child to wear a mask to school, especially not an outdoor mask in the Florida heat. ” Tiffany Williams, a Martin County parent, said WPBF reported.

Check out the 4th grade roast teacher wearing masks below:



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