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8 Best Kids’ Lamps for Schoolwork Desks


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What is a work area without proper lighting? While you might have your desk cheated with a sleek modern lamp, it pays to consider the light your kids will also work with when it comes to crafts and homework. Lighting can make a huge difference – not just in visibility – but in setting the right atmosphere, whether you want to relax or feel busy. If there is an empty space on your child’s desk just waiting to be filled, now is the perfect opportunity to light up that area.

A stuffy adult lamp won’t cut it; Children need something more creative than their normal work lighting. For an option that suits their aesthetic or professional needs, consider silhouette, color, adjustability, brightness, and even additional features like USB ports and storage. Fortunately, as with desks, there are many options for your younger family members that are built and designed just for them. It just takes a little searching to find it. Refresh almost any workspace with one of these adorable kids desk lamps, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

Toys, colored pencils, headphones – you name a random frills, and the catchall on the base of this lamp can hold it. It also helps that the lamp itself is modern and square so that your child will not grow out of it in a few years.

This tech lamp has two USB ports and two sockets and a super cool touch sensor with a leather accent that turns it on and off. The retro shape and color make it perfect for a pop of color in any kid’s room. Let’s be real; It’s so chic that you’ll probably want to buy one for yourself.

With multiple compartments for pens and notepads, kids will appreciate a lamp that keeps everything they need within easy reach, including an electrical outlet and USB port. Such multifunctional pieces keep things like multiple partitions, organizers, and power strips from cluttering the top of their desks.

With these simple lamps you have several pastel shades to choose from. While this is your simple, no-frills lamp, it’s impeccably stylish and has a poseable neck that makes it easy for you to adjust, pick up, and move around while doing crafts or homework.

Although this lamp is shaped like a dinosaur, it’s made out of wood so it looks kind of chic – it goes perfectly with the rest of your Scandi-style home! More importantly, future paleontologists or dinosaur superfans like to have a reminder of one of their favorite things on their desk.

Most kids will love having this animated inanimate object at their little tables. While it’s simple, you can adjust the head of the lamp to direct the light where you need it.

The unsightly mess of cables that most desks struggle with these days can be fixed with a lamp like this one that has a wireless charging station at its base. This is especially useful for children entering the electronic everything age.

Simple and efficient, this movable desk lamp deserves its place on any desk. The adjustable neck allows for easy redirection of light, ideal for working on projects and assignments.

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