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A Mid-Century Modern Cookie House By Judy Kim


A New York-based food stylist and recipe developer might be Frank Lloyd Wright of Cookie Architecture. For Epicurious, Judy Kim created a mid-century modern gingerbread house – and the results are what make vacation dreams come true. Well, technically it’s not a gingerbread house. The food stylist built an ornate mid-century modern apartment out of cardamom cookies – and you’ll live in them and want to eat them. But eating it might be the easiest. Fortunately, Kim published the recipe and a PDF Mid-Century Modern Cookie House Guide with detailed assembly instructions and templates.

But back to the modern mid-century apartment. Kim’s cardamom biscuit apartment was designed using a Wes Anderson-inspired color scheme and features twinkling lights, double doors, ceiling beams, candy cane wallpaper, and pretzel stick window panes, among other things. Royal Icing reinforces many of the biscuits’ inner walls, while Celadon Sparkle Mix features brightly colored decorations. A chimney with sliced ​​almonds emulates the appearance of a stone wall outdoors.

“I found myself in creative overdrive that winter,” wrote Kim in Epicurious. “Some people make puzzles with 10,000 pieces. Some people make homemade candles or homemade bagels, or get into a deep garden obsession. I spent months designing this cookie house in a Wes Anderson-inspired monochrome color scheme. Kim added, “In a year where we felt so little under control, this is a DIY project that gives you control over every detail.”

Check out Kim’s mid-century modern cardamom residence in the festive video below.

For cookie and architecture lovers who want to tackle the recipe this Christmas season, Kim has published a variety of resources – from the recipe to a house guide to personal tips and tricks. Discover the links below.

It’s the season for elaborate (and delicious) cookie architecture!

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