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The love story of Lara Jean and Peter officially comes to an end on Netflix Forever and ever. The end of the To All the Boys franchise was emotional for longtime fans, but it was especially emotional for Jenny Han. The author wrote the first book back in 2014, and a romantic comedy phenomenon has followed since then.

When she originally sat down to write the book series, Han took inspiration from other romantic novels. “I was definitely inspired by Little woman and the cosiness of the March house and the sisters and how they really, really loved each other, “she said to POPSUGAR.” But mostly I thought of Beth, like nobody really wants to see themselves as Beth, because it’s the boring one who just plays the piano and stays at home, and then she dies. So I figured what’s your story for the Beths out there? And if you are an introvert, if you are someone who likes to stay at home, what really moves you and what makes you tick and what is your inner life like? ”

And from that came Lara Jean, the cute but quirky middle Covey sister who has a passion for baking, vintage clothing, and of course, writing love letters. Han admits that she sees a lot of herself in Lara Jean’s character, with a mix of Kitty and Margot. “”[Lara Jean and I] have a lot in common and she is very personal to me because we both like to write and bake and we both love our sisters, “she explained.” But Margot, I think it’s a very big sister guy and I’m gone. And then Kitty can be real. . . I don’t know what the word is. Kitty is like her own thing, and she just likes to do things her own way, and sometimes I am. ”

Since Lara Jean Han is so close to her heart, she was very invested in the casting for the film. In fact, she had Lana Condor in mind before the actress officially booked the role. “I even put her on my social media because I wanted to pump her up a bit and have people see her and say, ‘Oh, she could be cute Lara Jean.'” As for the role of Peter, Han knew that Noah Centineo was perfect for the role as she saw his chemistry read with Condor. “Everything clicked because I think the two of them just have amazing chemistry on screen. You just really believe it and they really come to life on screen.”

TO ALL THE BOYS IVE BEFORE 3rd Lana Condor as Lara Jean Covey LOVED TO ALL THE BOYS WHO IVE BEFORE 3rd Cr.  Sarah Shatz / Netflix © 2020
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While the love story of Lara Jean and Peter has captured our hearts over the years, the films also offer a much-needed representation in Hollywood of what Han sees as one of the most rewarding parts of the franchise. “That was honestly the best part,” she said. “It’s worth it when people get in touch and say that they really feel represented by Lara Jean. It’s emotional.”

“It’s worth it when people get in touch and say that they really feel represented by Lara Jean. It’s emotional.”

Han adds that she is already seeing the impact the franchise is having on other creators. “It’s already happening,” she said. “I had friends of mine who came up to me and said, ‘We had a meeting in our square and people approached To All the Boys.’ I think it’s a lot easier when you can point at something that has been successful and say, “We should make more of it.” It’s also very gratifying to think that this could open more doors for people. For me it is always aiming to have more options and a bigger, wider spectrum so that we don’t put our hopes on a story that is the one story that could be this monolithic story that tells the representation of everyone because it just isn’t possible It shouldn’t be just one movie to meet all of those needs. What I would love to see more is just the variety and variety of experience. “

When the story of Lara Jean and Peter comes to an end, Han hopes “people are really happy with the last movie”. “I hope people feel closed to the story of Lara Jean and I hope they feel happy with the time they spent with her,” she said. As she closes the chapter of this story, she does not officially close the door on To All the Boys. “I think there are so many funny characters in the To All the Boys universe, and who knows?” She said about a possible rerun of the franchise on the street. “But right now I’m very busy working on so many projects at the same time. It just has to be the right thing, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

The adaptation of her book trilogy is on the list of exciting new projects The summer that I got prettythat was recently picked up for an Amazon series. While Han certainly has an affinity for book trilogies, she admitted that for her next book she would like to make a stand-alone book “just to be able to tell it all at once.” “Though I’m sure because I’m known for writing trilogies, people will say, ‘Give us another one,'” she joked. “But I’d like to try that. I have a few ideas, a few things that I’ve been working on for many years. I think the main thing that I work on is my husband, and then the one other thing is mine little side part that I’m really looking forward to. “


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