Bridgerton: Who Voices Lady Whistledown?


BridgertonThe trailers already introduced us to the voice of the lemony, sly narrator Lady Whistledown, and we’re pretty sure you recognize the voice of this Regency-era Gossip Girl. After all, she is one of the most iconic voices of a generation! Yes, this is Dame Julie Andrews voicing the invisible but omniscient narrator of Shonda Rhime’s latest drama, a Regency-era romance that follows the romantic ups and downs of the wealthy Bridgertons and other high society families.

While Shonda Rhimes and Julie Andrews might not seem like the most instinctive collaboration, it’s not the first time they’ve worked on a project together! Rhimes wrote the script for 2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagementin which Andrews, of course, repeated her role as Queen Clarisse of Genovia.

This film was also another important “Voice” moment for Andrews. After a botched throat operation in 1997, Andrews, whose career was built on musicals that featured her beautiful voice and unusually wide vocal range, was largely unable to sing. in the The Princess Diaries 2Andrews sang in public for the first time since, however, dueting with Raven-Symoné in the film on “Your Crowning Glory,” an original song written specifically for her now smaller vocal range.

The Netflix series is far from the first time Andrews has done voice acting and voice over work. She spoke to Queen Lillian, Princess Fiona’s mother, in three Shrek Movies starting with Shrek 2 She also served as a storyteller in the Disney comedy Bewitched (which includes a musical homage to Mary Poppins at one point). Since then she has continued to work as a speaker, including Marlena Gru in the Despicable Me Franchise and as Leviathan Karathen in Aquaman. We really cannot think of a better voice for Lady Whistledown than Andrews’ perfectly crisp tones, and her presence is just one of many reasons we cannot wait for Bridgerton debuts its first season on Netflix on December 25th!