Bridgerton: Why Doesn’t Simon Want Children?


Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) are sure to feel hot and mutually harassed on Netflix Bridgerton, but there is a problem: Simon doesn’t want children. On paper, Simon is perfect for Daphne – the mysterious man she meets at the start of the social season is a handsome and wealthy Duke. They even enjoy each other’s company when they’re not out to have a scandalous kiss. However, Simon firmly believes that he will never get married and have children. Why is that? Ultimately, he’s not half the rake Daphne suspects. The answer lies in a vow Simon made to his father never to father an heir to the Hastings line.

It turns out that Simon has a small chip on his shoulder. In several flashbacks we learn something about his cold and cruel father. Simon’s father just wants an heir to continue the family name. Even if Simon’s mother dies in childbirth, his father might be less interested. Simon forms under Lady Danbury’s guidance, but his father harasses him for stuttering and ignores Simon’s letters. For most of Simon’s life, he pretends that Simon doesn’t exist. On his father’s deathbed, Simon vows to end the Hastings Line knowing that was all his father ever cared about. Besides, he is hesitant to marry anyone. It cannot be said that he is not a man of his word!

Fast forward to Daphne. He and Daphne are cooking up a wrong relationship To all of the boys I’ve loved before-Style. That way, Simon’s wives pull away and Daphne can get more applicants to take care of them. They catch feelings because it’s a rom-com series after all. When they are embroiled in a hot make-out session, Simon is determined not to marry her, which leads her brother Anthony to challenge him to a shooting duel to protect her honor. When Daphne ends the duel, Simon explains that even if he marries her, he cannot give her what she wants most: children. Daphne decides to marry him anyway.

Daphne lives in 19th century London with an extremely limited understanding of sex and feels that Simon has a physical problem preventing him from conception. But of course, he has everything she needs as a lover. Simon is passionate about completing their marriage, sticking to the undressing method every time, which leads poor Daphne to ask, “Does it hurt?” when he’s done.

Thanks to her servant, Daphne finally learns how babies are made. This creates tension between the duo and they entertain the idea of ​​separation. Ultimately, at the end of the first season, Daphne gives birth to a child, Simon supports her by her side. He’s so excited that he even suggests they follow the Bridgerton tradition of naming their children in alphabetical order.