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Colorful Boho Bathroom Redo | Apartment Therapy


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When a bathroom is well decorated it can be a relaxing haven – but when it isn’t, it can be a pretty unattractive place, especially if it hasn’t seen any major changes since it was built in the 1940s.

When Cynthia Moreno of Hot Pink Pineapples moved into her current husband’s apartment five years ago, she said the bathroom “just felt gross”. So this year she decided to renovate it into a room that felt clean, quiet, and inviting.

“In the end, it came down to wanting to be happy with the room I lived in,” says Cynthia. “Whether I lived in this apartment temporarily or for a long time, I knew that I couldn’t be happy if I didn’t make the room my own.”

Cynthia used to work in television production, so she had a lot of experience decorating sets that were temporary, which she used when renovating her apartment. Each addition didn’t have to be permanent.

“My two must-haves covered the floor with the temporary sticky tiles and my custom mirrors,” she says. “Everything else was a bit negotiable. I was ultimately hoping to have a nice space that is comfortable, but also stylish and unique. “

With the help of her husband Wesley, Cynthia painted the walls soft white (Behr’s Bit of Sugar). For the door and ceiling, she opted for a light pink (Behr’s pink sea salt) to “add a little more color”. Then Cynthia reworked the cream tiles on her vanity and shower with Rust-Oleum white tile-epoxy acrylic, laid sticky tiles on the floor, and installed a new shower curtain and shower rod.

Then came the hardest part: building and installing a floating shelf to hold mirrors and replace the vanity. Wesley built the floating shelf, and they both removed the old light and installed a gold-colored wall sconce from Hudson Valley Lighting. The couple also nailed some 3/4 in. Semicircles to the doors and drawer surfaces for extra dimension and added new puffs before painting the vanity green (Behr’s patina).

“One of my big goals was to cover the existing mirror / medicine cabinet with my own mirror,” says Cynthia. “After building the floating shelf, I just leaned the new mirror in front of the medicine cabinet. It worked out great! Finally, for safety reasons, we attached all the mirrors to the wall. “

Cynthia and Wesley also attached brass buttons near the shower to hang new Turkish beach towels and completed the space with small decorative items and artwork. In total, the project cost around $ 800.

“I love that it’s so bright and inviting now,” says Cynthia. “I think it’s beautiful and definitely makes me happier to spend time in my apartment. I don’t think I would do anything else except maybe do it sooner. It was a great addition to our apartment. I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer than I did. “