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Grete sent us these photos from western Norway. Although Norway is extremely far north, the climate is surprisingly mild thanks to the warmth of the Gulf Stream. The same weather pattern brings in large amounts of rain – an average of 90 inches per year. (For comparison, notoriously rainy Seattle only averages 37 inches per year.)

As the photos sent by Grete show, this is a climate suitable for beautiful gardens!

Masses of peonies (Paeonia species and hybrids, zones 3–8) in full bloom steal the show this time of year.

low-growing shrubsNumerous low-growing shrubs form a thick green carpet that is beautiful and requires very little maintenance.

Japanese maple treesIn this picture, taken from the same angle as the previous photo, but in autumn, the evergreen shrubs mix with the brilliant color of Japanese maples (Acer palmatum, zones 5–9) and change to their autumn color.

camelliaThe beautiful, rugged Norwegian landscape provides an incredible backdrop for a camellia (Camellia sinensis, zones 7–9) shrub laden with pink flowers. This plant testifies to the incredibly temperate climate. Camellias aren’t very cold tolerant and are best known in places like South Carolina in the United States, but they thrive in this garden that extends all the way to Alaska.

Garden in springNumerous dwarf rhododendrons bloom in this garden in spring against a diverse backdrop of evergreen and deciduous shrubs.

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