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Honest Review of Drew Barrymore’s Air Fryer Toaster Oven


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Is it just me or is it incredibly difficult for others to resist a good-looking kitchen appliance? A pretty device not only extends the daily cooking routines, but also brings a lot of joy and charm into the kitchen. So when we were writing about Beautiful, Drew Barrymore’s new line of cookware designed exclusively for Walmart, I personally took a look at all of these retro chic pieces for myself. But the colorful collection, which includes small appliances, tools, cookware and utensils, turned out to be so popular that it was … sold out twice! I finally got my hands on her most popular piece: the touchscreen air fryer toaster, which I couldn’t wait to take a prime spot in my kitchen. It’s been three weeks since I’ve used the sage green machine and here are three reasons I absolutely love it.

1. It’s quite an eye catcher.

The collection was designed in collaboration with Made By Gather and is available in four beautiful colors: sage, oyster gray, white glaze and black sesame. I chose sage because I’m just looking at how pretty it is! The components are subtle and inviting and designed with great attention to detail. Case in point: the golden handle, the touchscreen panel, the rounded edges and the beautiful button. Even the accessories supplied are matte silver to match the matte exterior finish.

2. It’s incredibly easy to use.

While the design is inspired by retro, the way this device works is absolutely not out of date. The touchscreen control panel feels like I’m typing on my smartphone, and the 11 preset functions make it very easy to use. Regardless of whether you want to roast, roast, bake, heat, roast in the open air, cook slowly or even dehydrate, you simply select a function, insert your items and you’re done. But don’t worry – there is also the option to adjust the cooking times and temperatures if necessary. I also love that the oven has an oversized clear glass window that makes it easy to keep an eye on your baked goods.

3. It does its job really, really well.

So far, I’ve used my air-fryer toaster to make toast, bake a casserole, reheat leftovers, and even air-fry packaged chicken nuggets. Everything went well with very little effort. I just went for the preset options and let the pretty device do its thing. I should also mention that it was very quiet in action, which is a huge plus if you have an open concept (or super small apartment) where your kitchen is literally in your living area. And while the design is relatively compact, it still fits a 12-inch pizza or a whole chicken.

If you’re looking for an air-fryer toaster (or a host of other tools and appliances) that will look incredibly stylish in your kitchen while offering superior performance, the Drew’s Beautiful line is worth considering. Pieces from the collection would also make adorable gifts for housewarming parties, engagements, birthdays, and all kinds of occasions. Personally, I’m considering ordering another toaster and air fryer to be sent to my mother for Mother’s Day. The only problem? Hope it is still in stock when I buy it.



Robert Dunfee