How to drive an Exotic Car for Free (Top 10 Best Cars)

How to drive an Exotic Car for Free (Top 10 Best Cars)

How to drive an Exotic Car for Free (Top 10 Best Cars) – Latest News Today

Here’s how you can drive an exotic car for “free” by timing it right and without losing money on depreciation, and potentially even selling it later for a profit – enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve been able to drive my last two sports cars for “free,” while losing absolutely ZERO money on them. In fact, my Lotus Exige S240 has been CHEAPER to own than my last Toyota Prius and I’ve actually MADE money on this car since I bought it…and some cars even appreciate in value higher than the stock market…so let me explain.

Here’s how the concept works. Most mass produced cars will depreciate about half of their value over the first 4 years…after that, depreciation slows down to maybe about 5-10% annually depending on the car and mileage. After about 10-12 years, the car has lost the majority of its value and it just continues to slowly drop in value, although the depreciation isn’t so intense after 10 years or so – but the value continues going down.

Exotic cars work a little different – they’ll see most of their depreciation within the first 5 years, and then they’ll continue slowly dropping in price for a few years after that depending on mileage. But then they’ll reach a bottom…where they just tend to stay. Exotic Cars all seem to have this base level value where they’re always going to be worth a certain amount.nAnd with interest rates relatively low on cars like this for 3-5 year periods, as long as you have the income and credit history to qualify for a loan – you can often just buy the car, invest your money elsewhere at a higher return, and drive the car without losing any money on depreciation.

Sure, you WILL be tying up money in the car – and you will have to pay insurance, taxes, gas, etc like you would on any car – but when done right, the car is basically just a savings account you can drive. And in some situation, your savings account actually makes money.

It’s quite easy to spot these price trends, as well. A few weeks of searching and going on car forums will give you a solid foundation of knowledge to see which cars tend to hold their values better than others. Some examples of potential cars to drive:
$12,000-$30,000: Honda S2000
$27,000 – $65,000: Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige
$30,000-$70,000: Original Acura NSX
$50,000-$70,000: 1997 or 1997 Viper GTS
$60,000-$90,000: First Generation Aston Martin Vanquish
$60,000-$200,000: Air Cooled Porsche 911 993
$100,000-$120,000: Lamborghini Gallardo
$135,000-$180,000: Lamborghini Murcielago
$150,000-$200,000: Manual Ferrari F430
$170,000-$290,000: BMW Z8
$200,000-$300,000: Lamborghini Diablo
$250,000-$500,000: Ford GT

In addition, I’d also say the Porsche Carerra GT is a good one, the Porsche 918…any Ferrari F40, F50, Enzo..the original Mercedes 300SL, I’m sure there are plenty more…but let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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