How To Lease A Car With No Money, $0 Down In 2021 (Step By Step)

How To Lease A Car With No Money, $0 Down In 2021 (Step By Step)

Here’s my ultimate guide on how to lease a car with $0 down. The average price for a new vehicle in US was $38,723 as of September 2020 and is continuing to rise every single year. This is leading many people to start considering other options, specifically leasing a car.

But what’s the deal with leasing? Is it going to be a better deal for you or are you better off biting the bullet and just financing your vehicle or buying an older used car in cash?

By the end of this video, you’ll know everything there is to know about leasing a car, what all of the most common terms are related to leasing and the formula for EXACTLY how to find the best price for a lease so that you can have the power in negotiations and get the best deals possible on all of your car leases.

Made a mistake discussing “negative equity.” If you bought a car for $30,000 and put $0 down, one year later it will likely be worth around $22,000. If you still owe $27,000 on it, meaning you only paid $3,000 towards principal, you would have negative $5,000 in equity. You owe far more than the car is worth.

Introduction 00:00:00
What Leasing A Car Means 00:05:18
How Much Should You Pay Monthly 00:09:17
Steps To Follow Before Leasing 00:13:12
How Car Leasing Works 00:17:08
How To Calculate Lease Numbers 00:26:22
What Happens At The End Of Lease 00:35:43
Common Car Lease Mistakes 00:37:35


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