How To Make A Profitable WordPress Website/Blog In 2021 (Step By Step Tutorial)

How To Make A Profitable WordPress Website/Blog In 2021 (Step By Step Tutorial)

Are you interested in creating a WordPress blog or website that actually makes money? If so, this is the video for you. I have made over $100,000 from the different WordPress blogs and websites I own and operate. I will be showing you everything, step by step to get started.

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Table Of Contents:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:07:34 What Is A Web Host
00:08:46 How To Sign Up For Bluehost
00:11:32 Choosing A Domain Name
00:18:36 How To Install WordPress
00:24:08 Uninstalling Extra Plugins
00:27:44 Installing Free WordPress Plugins
00:34:50 Initial Website Design
00:40:48 Setting Up SSL Certificate
00:42:02 Best Permalink Structure
00:46:50 How To Set Up A Page
00:49:58 Disclaimer, Privacy Policy & Terms
00:54:40 Adding Header/Footer Menus
00:58:16 Homepage Tagline/Branding
01:04:15 Header Text Guide
01:09:27 Creating A Logo With Photoshop
01:16:40 How To Create Featured Images
01:23:35 How To Compress/Upload Images
01:28:07 PrettyLinks Tutorial
01:39:20 How To Set Up A Redirect
01:43:39 NinjaTables Tutorial
01:53:15 Email Collection Setup
01:57:44 Metadata
02:01:00 How To Create A Redirect
02:07:47 Enabling/Disabling Comments
02:08:55 Types Of Articles To Write
02:14:15 How To Find Affiliates
02:24:20 Affiliate Disclosure Tutorial
02:25:41 My Earnings Proof For FarmlandRiches
02:26:53 Creating A Content Roadmap
02:33:15 Cornerstone Content
02:37:15 Link Building Strategies
02:42:35 Outsourcing

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