I Built Cursed LEGO Minifigures… – Live General News

I Built Cursed LEGO Minifigures… – Live General News

I Built Cursed LEGO Minifigures… – Latest News Today

In this video I buy a bunch of Cursed Lego Minifigure parts and design a bunch of very Cursed Creepy LEGO Figures. This includes me initially playing around with the parts until I eventually build an entire series of 20 Cursed Figures.

Where I bought this stuff: Citizen Brick

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This is a lego recreation of Cursed Minifigures, specifically a challenge where I attempt to build an entire series of Cursed LEGO Minifigures! This was absolutely insane and so much happened in the process. Thanks for watching!

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Camera: Canon EOS R/iPhone13
Tripod: Magnus vt-300
Mic: hyper x quadcast
Editor: Final Cut Pro X

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