“I’m Thrilled to Meet Your Wife”


Joe Biden and his supervisor Jill arrived in Cornwall on Thursday to attend the G7 summit.

Biden looked weak when he got out.


President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden come to Cornwall pic.twitter.com/vSNtX2bZGh

– The Hill (@thehill) June 10, 2021

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Biden sat down with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and said everything he could say about Johnson’s 33-year-old wife.

“I am delighted to meet your wife,” said Biden. “We both got married high above our ward.”

Of course, Joe Biden was the only one holding note cards.


President Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met in person for the first time today to highlight the famous “special relationship” between their nations.

Biden told the press the two had something in common. “We both got married well over our ward,” he joked. https://t.co/UMbVxLcfVt pic.twitter.com/gfwDeJ0Ei2

– POLITICAL (@political) June 10, 2021

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson took their wives for a walk on the Cornwall coast ahead of the G7 summit.

Biden was in love with Boris Johnson’s 33-year-old wife, Carrie Johnson.

It’s an infatuation! Johnsons and Bidens leave the Brexit series behind and walk together on the Carbis Bay promenade https://t.co/n1VvIPj4I7 pic.twitter.com/xaRQIBkHHm

– Daily Mail UK (@DailyMailUK) June 10, 2021


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