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January Regional Garden To-Do Lists


Make sure that you start the New Year on the right foot with the help of our regional experts. They have compiled detailed lists of exactly what to do in your garden in January. Wondering if these frost-damaged leaves should be removed? Are you trying to figure out the perfect time to prune, plant, or buy? We have all the answers.

Gardeners in southern states can enjoy cultivating their gardens in cooler temperatures, while gardeners in the north can prepare, plan, and dream about greener days. No matter where you live, there are garden activities well worth your time this cool month. Below is the gardening to-do list for your region.

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Reports

  • Northeast regional reports

  • Northern California regional reports

  • Regional reports of the northern plains

  • Northwest regional reports

  • Southeast regional reports

  • Regional reports for Southern California

  • Regional reports of the southern plains

  • Southwest regional reports