John Legend Celebrates 42nd Birthday With Math Competition


Forget the typical dinner party – John Legend celebrated his 42nd birthday with a math off from Chrissy Teigen, and it looked damn funny considering it was all about math. On December 28th, Chrissy and her friend and celebrity hairdresser Jen Atkin hosted the “ultimate surprise math competition” for their husbands, which includes playing cards, bonus questions and matching costumes. Fortunately, the cookbook author shared some glimpses of her intimate soirée on her social media Monday night.

Since the game was based on sixth grade math questions, John and Mike Rosenthal appropriately wore braces, bows, and of course name tags. Chrissy and Jen, however, wore sparkling pink robes in their roles as game show hosts. “John and Mike love doing math and that’s his birthday,” Chrissy said with a laugh at her Instagram stories.

The four of them celebrated everything – John and Mike take their math skills really seriously – and the “Never Break” singer ended up taking home first place. Look forward to see all of the fun moments from John’s special birthday surprise.