Kylie Jenner 101: How to be a “Self Made” Billionaire Explained

Kylie Jenner 101: How to be a “Self Made” Billionaire Explained

Kylie Jenner 101: How to be a “Self Made” Billionaire Explained – Latest News Today

At the age of 20, Kylie Jenner stands to be one of the worlds youngest Self Made Billionaires…here’s how she did it, and does this make her “Self Made?” Lets find out…enjoy! Add me on Instagram/Snapchat: GPStephan

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Kylie Jenner was first brought into the spotlight in 2007 when “Keeping up with the Kardashians” began airing. It’s no surprise, obviously, that Kylie came from an extremely affluent family. The popularity of their Reality TV show, combined with the emergence of social media, proved to be a winning combination…Kylie is now one of the most followed people on Instagram at 111 MILLION followers…but it’s how she was able to leverage that that really gets interesting, and that’s what I want to focus this video around.

In 2014, she took $250,000 of that and began producing her own lip kits. She leveraged her social media following for a few months, hyping up her lip kits…and when she launched, she sold out of her 15,000 kits. Within one minute. At that point, she expanded with Shopify. In early 2016, she rebranded as “Kylie Cosmetics”…and that’s where the fun began. She’d hype up her products on social media, and day of launch – she’d sell out…to the tune of 19 MILLION DOLLARS. In just 24 hours. And the best part….it was all digital.. A partnership with SeedBeauty outsources EVERYTHING.

But, here’s the billion-dollar-question…does this actually make her “Self Made?” Honestly, “self made” is just such a loose term…Each of us has a different definition of “Self Made,” and the reality is that we will each be born with some types of advantages in life. I think it’s important to realize that all of us right now are born with an advantage that many don’t have…if you have the luxury to sit here and spend your time on the internet watching a video on YouTube, chances you’re already in a pretty good position in life, all things considered. But what does this mean for Kylie? When she invested $250,000 into her lip care company, she could afford to take risk and chose more aggressive business moves, knowing that if it failed, it’s no big deal – unlike many people who would’ve played it more safe and taken less risk.

If I were to take a position here…and people might disagree with me here…is yes, I do believe she’s self made. While she certainly started out much further than most, turning what was probably $5 million dollars of her own wealth built through the TV show into a $900,000,000 fortune is nonetheless absolutely impressive, especially by the age of 20 years old. While her family did provide her with the start of that audience, it’s what she DID with it that’s impressive.

The bigger picture of this…is to realize that ALL OF US have some type of advantage that works in our favor that other people don’t have. Be grateful for what you have, and realize that just being alive and healthy is an advantage. It’s how you decide to USE that to your advantage that really matters the most…are you going to complain that someone out there has more than you and that’s not fair or that they didn’t deserve it? Or are you going to be thankful for what you have and go out there and become the next billionaire? Because the harsh truth is that nothing is fair…we’re dealt our hand in life, and we can either bluff our way and win the hand of poker or we can fold because we think we have something bad. The choice is yours.

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