San Fran Sees Week Of Shocking And Violent Crime


OPINION | This article contains political comments that reflect the author’s opinion.

Imagine living in a place where people jump out of their vehicles in traffic and smash your rear windshield to steal from your car.

Camera equipment, $ 7,000 worth of drone stolen from a moving car in San Francisco https://t.co/1At0EZVTEq #robbery #crime pic.twitter.com/qlCPfFmj1C

– Gulf Today (@gulftoday) February 8, 2021

Or how about somewhere you might have gone shopping with your 2-year-old one afternoon and felt threatened at gunpoint, whipped the gun and shot it on the sidewalk in broad daylight in front of your toddler.

Or maybe a place where you could be stolen and your two toddlers hijacked with the stolen car while they deliver groceries to survive through the dictatorial barriers.

BREAKING: San Francisco police are looking for a suspect who stole a father’s SUV with his two toddlers on Saturday night. An Amber Alert was issued.

Anyone who sees the Odyssey with license plate 7FPK543 should call 911, police said https://t.co/s8hDrCszuY

– San Francisco Chronicle (@sfchronicle) February 7, 2021

“PLEASE DO NOT HURT MY CHILDREN”: Sean & Winnifred Fang are 4, almost 2. Their father says they were kidnapped when a man stole his van while delivering food in Pacific Heights in #SanFrancisco on Saturday night. #AmberAlert https://t.co/BmMZX9djOf pic.twitter.com/1VePPH1mZj

– ABC7 News (@ abc7newsbayarea) February 7, 2021

Or maybe a place where a 79-year-old man could be brutally attacked, beaten and robbed without provocation while walking down the street in broad daylight.

A 79-year-old man walking alone is followed and then brutally attacked and robbed by two suspects. This happened on 2/4 in SF’s Lone Mountain neighborhood. According to SFPD, the two men reached into the victim’s jacket, stole his property and came across a waiting car. @kpixtv 11pm pic.twitter.com/CmEsUFb2bu

– Betty Yu (@BettyKPIX) February 7, 2021

What about a place where an 84-year-old man could be violently beaten to the ground out of nowhere, which would ultimately lead to his death?

SAN FRANCISCO – The video of the fatal attack by an elderly Thai man in the US was released Monday by his family who suspected it was a hate crime. The CCTV footage captured the shocking moment when 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee was fatally wounded in Daly City. pic.twitter.com/SiE4pWElit

– Mr Wolf (@mole_cola) February 2, 2021

Or a place where overdose deaths beat COVID deaths by almost 4 to 1?

A total of 621 people died from overdoses this year, compared with 173 deaths from COVID19, according to the AP. The number of overdose deaths in San Francisco has increased from 441 in 2019. California introduced the toughest public health regulations in the country this year.


– Phil (@ PhilTay1984) December 27, 2020

So, if you want to live in a place where the richest elites block their homes behind fences and security guards while the unwashed crowds live in literal human filth and endure waves of public violent crime on the public streets, Nancy Pelosi San is the place for you Francisco.



Robert Dunfee