Should Biden Worry About Student Loan Forgiveness?

Should Biden Worry About Student Loan Forgiveness?

Should Biden Worry About Student Loan Forgiveness? – Latest News Today

President Biden is NOT including student loan debt forgiveness in this year’s annual budget, and people are not happy about it. The student loan debt crisis is still on the table. So this brings up the question, should the government even consider student loan forgiveness in the first place?

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Joining Julia Sun today is Democratic Strategist Kristal Knight, and Editor in Chief of The California Review, Kenneth Schrupp.

What about everyone who has already paid off their student loans? Shouldn’t any graduates now just pay their student loan debt because it isn’t fair for those who have already paid it off.

Kristal Knight, who says she has already paid off her student loans, thinks that it is fair for the government to provide debt relief. She would’ve loved debt relief when she was paying off her student loans. Kristal Knight goes on to say that what we’re seeing is people experiencing student loan debt seeing their student loan debt easily go into forbearance. Loan forgiveness could give these people a leg up in their life, more funding for better housing for themselves for example.

But if the government did take charge in the student loan debt crisis wouldn’t the college just raise their college tuition prices to match what’s forgiven? How can we prevent tuition prices from skyrocketing?

Kenneth Schrupp says that it’s because almost anyone can get student loans is why college tuition has gone up so tremendously in the first place, and there is no way to stop college tuition from going up that much further if student loan forgiveness is implemented. Forgiving student loans will make college much more expensive for everyone.

What do you think of this and the student loan debt crisis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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