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Small Balcony Redo – Small Balcony Decorating Idea


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With spring and summer just around the corner, you’re likely spending a lot more time outdoors – meaning it’s a perfect time to spruce up your patio, deck, yard or balcony to make it more comfortable and welcoming to design .

Take inspiration from this iteration of a completely bare balcony by Shruti Chopra. Shruti, whose Toronto apartment strikes the perfect balance between modernity and glamor, had put off finishing the empty balcony when she moved in with her husband Madhukar last fall. “We bought this house last fall, but left the patio project for spring because we’re honest, terraces are useless as a G in lasagna during Toronto winters,” jokes Shruti.

The only things on the balcony were artificial grass on the floor and fairy lights on the railing, but the 50-square-foot room had a lot of potential – and Shruti wanted it ready for the lounge. “We wanted to make it a place where we can spend time after work or have a coffee in the morning,” she says. “We knew we would be able to accommodate four people and used that as a starting point.”

Shruti and Madhukar started planning their layout using the Magicplan app to see what they could fit in and what they would have to pass on. After deciding on a working arrangement, they started shopping for patio furniture. By getting everything from IKEA, they were able to keep costs down.

Two upholstered seats offer cozy lounge areas, while a storage bench acts as a multifunctional coffee table – an intelligent solution in a small space. A slim trolley also offers space for lots of pretty potted plants. Over the artificial grass, Shruti and Madhukar added a herringbone carpet in a neutral palette.

What makes the room special, however, is a wall made of wooden grids, which is accentuated with a decorative neon light. This makes the terrace feel just as cozy at night as it does during the day.

The total cost of this terrace was $ 1,100, slightly more than the couple’s $ 1,000 budget, and they’re happy with the results. Best part? The project was completed on time for the warm weather.

“With this terrace we were able to add extra space to our house,” says Shruti. “It gives us more space to relax and chat.”

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