The Circle: Who Is the Real Emily, aka Jack?


Jack Atkins, a 20-year-old astrophysics and economics student from New Haven, CT, made the first impression in The circle Season two premiere. He immediately tells the audience, “I’m honestly ready to go down as the biggest villain in Circle history. I don’t really care.” I mean, an intro package doesn’t get much better. Kudos, Jack! Or should we say. . . Emily?

In the first episode, we learn that Jack is here to play a “very strategic, manipulative game of cutthroat”. As a college student, Jack says he’s a self-proclaimed nerd, but with a wild, goofy side. He’s nervous that his authentic personality (and BDE) could cost him the $ 100,000 price tag The circle Group chat as Emily, a Windy City girl who also happens to be a close friend of his IRL. Jack explains in his confessional that he wants competitors to look at his profile and say, “This is a face I can trust.” I don’t want to see you, “he says. So he introduces Emily, who is essentially the girl version of herself, as well as the fact that she’s in a sisterhood and loves rom-coms and reality TV like Sell sunset.

Who is the real emily? First of all, her name is not Emily, but Mariel Glass. But! She is a student at the University of Chicago and, according to her Instagram, the Delta Gamma sorority.

Much like Jack, she is an economist and, based on her LinkedIn page, a research fellow at the UChicago Medicine Lab. Mariel also has an older sister who went to college in Chicago and was on the same sorority. It’s not sure if Jack and Mariel knew each other before college, and it seems a bit strange that being “close friends” the two of them don’t have pictures together on Instagram, but their own for each!

Stay up to date on all of the things Mariel (@marielglass) and Jack (@ jackatkins21) have by following them on Instagram and make sure you get used to it The circle on Netflix, where new episodes appear every week.


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