The Circle: Who Is the Real River, aka Lee?


The first four episodes of The circle Season two is officially available for streaming on Netflix. Can you imagine which candidate has already stolen our hearts? That’s right, Lee! Originally from Dallas, Lee Swift is an outstanding and proud gay man who has been with his partner for 32 years. He deserves an award for himself. When he’s not fishing people by portraying himself as over 30 years younger (more on that later), he writes erotic novels under the female pen name Kris Cook. “I was a catfish before they used the term catfish,” he joked in his intro package. To save you time, we have already visited Lee’s professional website, which you can find here.

As if we couldn’t love Lee anymore, he announced that he had to ask his 20-year-old niece for help with “social media slang” before he got on the show. While we personally adore Lee’s bubbly personality, the 58-year-old decided to change things up a little and step in The circle Group chat as River, a 24 year old from Mertzon, TX who also happens to be Lee’s friend IRL.

As a successful writer, Lee hoped he would advance as a fictional character in the competition. “As a writer, I think that makes me a professional liar,” he quipped. “Well, I don’t think anyone has a chance.” Lee, who fishes as his friend River, writes in his Circle bio that he is a waiter and student who is “fun” and exciting, but also has a “sensitive” side. In order not to engage in flirtatious behaviors, Lee tells the group that he was recently out of a relationship and is still healing his broken heart.

As for the similarities between Lee’s fake person on the show and the real River, there aren’t any. Except for the fact that they’re good friends.

First up, River’s real name is Doak Rapp, and while his fake character on the show may be gay, he’s straight. Likewise, he’s not from a small farm in Texas, but from Dallas. While Roak is a pretty private person on social media himself, it can be seen from Lee’s Instagram that he’s a fashionable guy!

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Robert Dunfee