the problem with gary vaynerchuk

the problem with gary vaynerchuk

the problem with gary vaynerchuk – Latest News Today

Even though I consider myself a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and love his overall message, there’s one portion of his advice that I’ve found hasn’t worked well with me – and this is what it is. Enjoy. Feel free to add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Here’s what that is: it’s his mantra of put your head down, and work. Put in 15 hour days. Work weekends. You need to maximize every moment in order to achieve something big. And listen, I can only speak for myself here…but I have to say, this advice isn’t meant for everyone, and dare I say, this isn’t the only way to achieve success. And hey, I acknowledge my own advice isn’t for everyone, either, you have to find something that works for you, but my experience was that I became MISERABLE when I did nothing but work.

I wasn’t an interesting person. I literally didn’t know who I was, I lost my personality, I lost what it was like to be “me” – because I was doing exactly what Gary encourages, and that is to put your head down, and work nonstop. I wanted to be so much more than just someone who worked over everything else, and it took 4 years to realize that just wasn’t ME. And oddly enough, I found out that once I started focusing on ME more, cutting back on clients, and focusing only on the ones that were my biggest source of business, I actually started making more money. I want those days to be totally unproductive, because I know these things refresh me to do even BETTER work for the hours where I dedicate to being productive.

Now don’t get me wrong here, because I believe one of the main distinctions for Gary is that you can tell he ABSOLUTELY LOVES what he does – and I’d venture to say, for him, it doesn’t feel like work. This is him having a great time…he could work 18 hour days for a month and be absolutely thrilled.

But I also recognize the unsustainability of keeping that up long term…You also run into the problem that at the end of the day, you can only PHYSICALLY WORK SO MUCH until you can’t work anymore. There are only 24 hours in a day…what this cycle reinforces is that the amount of time you work is directly correlated with your success, and every hour “extra” is one hour of further advancement. When you’re working this much, there becomes a limit to what you can physically be capable of before you NEED to focus on increasing productivity, not time.

We shouldn’t have the pressure just to work, work, work, hustle, work…without understanding that that behavior, at some point, becomes detrimental to your success. AT SOME POINT, it’ll hinder your ability to grow…whether it be socially, or financially. And if you’re perfectly happy working 18 hours a day and you don’t see a problem with it, then ignore this video and I’ll take the dislike. But I assure you, from my experience, I’d much rather be more creative, more relaxed, less stressed, and less worked….than a million dollars wealthier, feeling overworked, stressed out, and guilty every time I wanted to take time off. I feel we should stress the importance that the amount of hours you work doesn’t necessarily equate to the level of success you’ll achieve.

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