The Wilds: What Happened to Nora?


Season one from Amazon The wilderness The audience still had many unanswered questions, but perhaps the most pressing and lingering question is what happened to Nora. Rachel’s clever, quiet twin (played by Helena Howard) was the missing piece of the twisted Dawn of Eve puzzle. She was an insider on the team who watched the stranded girls, fed them information from the floor, and asked for assistance. This puts her in a precarious position with Leah, the only survivor who discovers Nora’s secret, and the team behind the scenes.

During the season, almost every participant was interviewed after their “rescue”, with the exception of Nora and Martha. During Rachel’s interview, she asked if her parents knew “what happened to her sister,” but it is never clear what the comment means exactly. This isn’t a good sign for Nora, especially since the show’s dark themes suggest that something bad is related to her fate. At the moment we can only guess. We’ve rounded up some of our best theories below:

She still teamed up with Gretchen.

It would be disappointing to see Nora continue to work with Gretchen, but it’s definitely still plausible. After all, she knowingly got into Dawn of Eve’s retreat (plane crash and everything) to give her sister a second chance. If she still chooses the “mission” of the retreat, she could help the team behind the scenes.

She was injured on the island.

At the end of Episode 10, Rachel unwittingly swims in the ocean near a shark. She is believed to have lost her hand to an attack, but an alternate theory could bring Nora to the point of injury. She would sacrifice everything for her sister.

She didn’t make it off the island.

Chances are Nora is still on the island, or worse, she may have died. We only know of one confirmed victim after season one (RIP Jeanette), but given the dangerous conditions, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that someone else lost their life. Nora could somehow have missed the rescue – we really have no idea how long they were stranded.

She is totally fine! Just chill out.

The most hopeful (and unlikely) theory is that Nora is perfectly fine. She could be in the same quarantine as the other girls, we just never saw her. Hey it’s a long way but we can hope right? Cross your fingers, we’ll get more answers in season two.

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