Trump’s new public enemy no. 1

Trump’s new public enemy no. 1

Trump’s new public enemy no. 1 – Latest News Today

Former President Trump has begun to publicly campaign against Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but will his endorsement of her GOP challenger hold any weight? In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how Murkowski’s Senate race is a proxy fight for the war between the Republican establishment and Trump’s Republican Party.


Donald Trump endorses Kelly Tshibaka for Senate in race against Lisa Murkowski

Republican Kelly Tshibaka launches Senate campaign against Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski Votes to Convict President Donald J. Trump

What Liz Cheney got right about Trump and Republicans

Trump says he’ll campaign against Murkowski in Alaska next year

Alaska has a new election system. Could it protect Murkowski from pro-Trump backlash?

Results: Alaska approves amendment to enact top-4 primaries and ranked choice voting

Alaska voters adopt ranked-choice voting in ballot initiative

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