WARNING: The Upcoming Stock Market Reversal

WARNING: The Upcoming Stock Market Reversal

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As it stands RIGHT NOW at the time I’m making this video…the House of Representatives is almost evenly split. From an INVESTMENT standpoint, it’s often considered a GOOD thing because any measures would need bipartisan support to pass through – which means, both sides would need to come to an agreement in order to get to the next step…and, as of now, this is fairly balanced.

With a divided congress like this, it’s UNLIKELY that we’ll see higher taxes, strict business regulation, or a change in capital gains tax, which was weighing on investors who couldn’t plan for that uncertainty. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean it’s not IMPOSSIBLE for things like this to happen…but, it’s UNLIKELY if congress isn’t fully unified towards one side or the other.

Obliviously, past results aren’t always going to be indicative of what actually happens…but, HISTORICALLY…the highest returns came from a D-President, with house and senate split between parties….at an average annual return of 13.6%. A close runner up was a D-President and R-congress, at 13%…and nearly tied with R-President and Congress, at 12.9%.

Ultimately, what it SEEMS to favor – HISTORICALLY – is that a divided congress is best for the markets…and if you are concerned about stock market returns, it’s more opportunistic to pay attention to the SENATE AND HOUSE, instead of the president. See here:

So really, at the end of the day..the presidency has less control over the markets than we think, and REALLY…we should place a bigger focus on our house and senate, and making sure we have an even representation for BOTH SIDES…not necessarily favoring one, or the other.

But…given all of that information, THIS is why we’re seeing the stock market go up…a clear outcome is beginning to develop that would still favor business and relatively lower taxation, and tech regulation….leading to people piling back into the stock market. Or, in other words…more people are buying than selling, and that’s why it’s green.

I’ve just always maintained that the BEST thing you can do is simply focus on the core principles that I say a million times over and over again in my videos…keep buying, keep investing long term, and don’t panic.

The president should not dictate how you save your money, live below your means, and invest…sure, policies might have some affect…but, for a majority of it…I believe you are in direct control of your own personal finances and how you manage them with good, long term consistent habits

We could very well see the markets continue to blow higher and higher, or it could go down once uncertainty comes back about who gains the senate…but either way, you better be buying 🙂

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