Watch Blue Ivy Dance to Ciara’s “Gimmie Dat” | Video


Tina Lawson must have known we needed some motivation to get through this week and boy, boy, did she deliver it? On Sunday night, the famous mom shared a video showing granddaughter Blue Ivy Carter showing off her moves in dance class, and the phrase “She got it from her mom” never rang truer. In the clip, Blue breaks it down into Ciara’s 2010 single “Gimmie Dat”, whose chest bangs her arms in time like a damn professional. Tina couldn’t help but highlight Blau’s striking resemblance to her Aunt Solange in the caption and write: “[This] is blue, but I swear it looks like Solange is dancing at this age ❤️. “

The best part of the video comes roughly three-quarters of the way when Blue pauses, lowers her arms, and looks around at her jersey-clad classmates. After essentially confirming that no one else has reached her expertise, she dances to the beat again. In all honesty, I’m not even upset to admit that a 9-year-old has a better rhythm than ever in my life – I just sit back, take notes, and bow. Go ahead and make Beyoncé proud, Blue!