Watch John Krasinski’s Some Good News Holiday Episode: Video


John Krasinski Some good news is back! After an eight-episode run earlier this year, the actor revived his YouTube series for a vacation special that will make your heart smile. The latest installment featured feel-good stories and video clips from around the world, including a Parents That Rock segment dedicated to parents who helped their children get through a particularly difficult year.

George Clooney showed up to cover the weather and followed in Brad Pitt’s footsteps by keeping the stint short and sweet. Shortly after, John was talking on video with a father of two named Jay, who had listed some of his favorite collectors on eBay to raise money for his children’s Christmas gifts. Dwanta Claus, also known as Dwayne Johnson, crashed her call to inform Jay that he had bought every single item on his eBay page – and that he would fly them out to visit the DC Universe exhibit as soon as possible this is certain.

Watch the whole thing Some good news Episode above for your weekly dose of heartwarming content. Thank you John for spreading the much-needed holiday cheer.