WCI Podcast #214 – Will Student Loans Be Forgiven?

WCI Podcast #214 – Will Student Loans Be Forgiven?

WCI Podcast #214 – Will Student Loans Be Forgiven? – Latest News Today

Student loans have been on the back burner for the last year or so, as borrowers have enjoyed 0% interest on their federal loans. There has been lots of talk in Congress about loan forgiveness and what that could look like. With the break on interest scheduled to come to an end this Fall, student loans are about to come front and center. Being in this state of limbo leaves borrowers with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans unsure of how to manage their loans going forward. Refinance and risk losing 0% interest if President Biden extends the deal? Or risk missing out on any loan forgiveness Congress may pass? There is a lot to think about right now so we brought on Andrew Paulson, of StudentLoanAdvice.com, in this week’s episode to discuss loan forgiveness, interest rates, refinancing, consolidating and other questions about managing your student loan debt.

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