What Does the Bee in Bridgerton Mean?


It’s easy to get into the romance, regency fashion, and dreamy music of Netflix BridgertonHowever, if you take a closer look, you will be rewarded with important pointers about the second season. Though the show has not yet been officially renewed, it appears that Shonda Rhimes and showrunner Chris Van Dusen have been hiding important spoilers that suggest what might be next – and it all has to do with a bee.

Chances are you’ve noticed an emphasis on the striped insect in the final episode of season one, and it turns out that this may have been a reference to season two. Since the show is based on Julia Quinn’s nine novels, the bee is likely a nod to her second book, The Viscount who loved me. In the novel, the Bridgertons father is stung by a bee and dies of an allergic reaction, with Anthony remaining head of the family. His role as Viscount eventually leads him to Kate Sheffield, the sister of the woman he is to marry.

The TV series never explains when or how the Bridgertons’ father died. Instead, we meet the family when Anthony struggles with his title and responsibility to his siblings. However, the bee at the end of season one suggests what we’ve been assuming all along: Anthony’s love story with Kate will be the focus of the next few episodes. We just need Netflix to officially renew the show so we can all just rest! Surely Lady Whistledown would not let such gossip go to waste.

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