What Is Firefly Lane on Netflix About?


Of The Queen’s Gambit to Virgin RiverRecently, Netflix has been making its book-to-TV adaptations. We hope for the first season of Firefly Lane, the drama based on the novels by Kristin Hannah will follow. If the anticipation is already killing you, we can at least give you an idea of ​​the story before the series officially premieres on Netflix in 2021. It’s hard to say what exactly the show will focus on. Here are the most important details about the books behind the series – free of big spoilers!

Who are Tully and Kate?

The protagonists of Firefly Lane (Portrayed by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in Netflix’s adaptation), lifelong best friends are Tully and Kate. Her story begins in 8th grade when Tully moves into a house on Firefly Lane next to Kate. Despite being new in town, Tully is one of the most popular girls in school. So it’s a surprise to make Kate “uncool” forever when Tully wants to be friends with her.

When does the story begin and end?

The friendship between Kate and Tully began in the summer of 1974 and lasted for their entire life until they became “TullyandKate”. The ups and downs of their friendship last for 30 years. Tully and Kate spend their teens in the 1970s, their 20s in the 1980s, and their 30s in the 1990s, finding out about life together and apart.

Where does Firefly Lane take place?

Tully and Kate meet on Firefly Lane in a Pacific Northwest town, but their lives literally and figuratively take them everywhere they can imagine. For Tully, that’s by design. She has always been driven by the ambition to prove her worth to the world and to the mother who left her as a child. That ambition takes her to New York City and around the world, where she finds not only the fame and recognition she has always longed for, but deep solitude despite seeking affection from various relationships.

Kate, on the other hand, just wants to fall in love, have kids, and lead a “normal” life simply because she believes she was meant to be. But in the midst of motherhood and marriage, Kate’s stifled ambitions resurface and she’s jealous of Tully again, just as she felt as a teenager when Tully was popular and she was at the bottom of the high school food chain. While both Tully and Kate get everything they wanted, they are unfulfilled and plagued by their choices.

What happens in the sequel?

The continuation, Fly awayfocuses entirely on Tully. She is back in her hometown, a return she never foresaw, especially when you consider that she has always been a great dreamer and wanderer. In this new chapter of life, Tully is guided by her memories as she tries to heal herself from her tragic past and present. At the center is Tully’s mother, Dorothy Hart, who left Tully and came back years later to take up the bits and pieces of their broken relationship. By depicting love, loss and a new beginning Fly away provides a raw glimpse into Tully’s heartbreaking story that you will appreciate Firefly Lane to another level.

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