Will $60,000/month make you happy?

Will $60,000/month make you happy?

Will $60,000/month make you happy? – Latest News Today

This is a clip from an older video filmed a few months ago with Sebastian Ghiorghiu about making money and the happiness that follows…or doesn’t follow. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Video summed up:
Much of this can be contributed to The Hedonic Treadmill, which where one’s happiness level is eventually reset back to their initial baseline after the excitement of something new wears off. This is why it’s easy to be excited about buying a new item, or getting a raise, but then a few months later, it just seems like the new normal and nothing has really changed. Then it takes even MORE to get the same excitement, to which then the same happens – you eventually return to baseline.

What I’ve found is that, while money and having a high income DOES make life substantially “easier” in certain aspects, it doesn’t by itself contribute to becoming a happier person. In the end, happiness is really just a state of mind – and tying your success to your happiness is a precarious place to be. The reason why is that when this happens, you don’t control your happiness; external factors do. And this means you become reliant on making a certain amount of income, having certain objects, or taking on an identity to be “happy.” And when these don’t fall into place, you’re lost. So detaching money from happiness ultimately just ends up making you a happier person…I think? 😛

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